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For more than 30 years, the professionals at AE21 Incorporated have been helping individuals and businesses like yours by providing expert services to the insurance claims, risk management and legal services industries.  Unfortunately, age and experience are no longer enough for credibility in the consulting and expert services business.  The new world requires vision, an appreciation for and adaptability to the forces of change, and a fundamental understanding of the business purpose of claims.  It is here that you’ll our “defining difference”.

The 1990’s will forever be known as the age of “re-engineering”, a time period that spawned massive change in the fundamental practices of the claims industry -- change that also brought with the end of an era that gave birth to fundamental philosophies of claims practice that supported much was what “the best” of what we were.  At AE21 we have not forgotten those philosophies, nor the reasons behind traditional best practices; rather, we embrace them and believe that the effective integration of fundamentals with new technologies and processes ensure the continued delivery of best claims practice, performance and outcomes!

Insurance Claims

AE21’s consulting experts, in combination, have centuries of actual “boots on the ground” experience that span more than 30 years of industry growth, change and development, and, in combination, represent the highest levels of industry knowledge in the market today.  Services most requested by our clients, and consistently recognized for their exceptional quality and affordability include:

  • Reserve Portfolio Reviews
  • Best Practice Claims Reviews & Performance Benchmarking
  • Expert Services
  • GAP Analysis
  • Best Practices Development
  • Adjuster Licensing, CE & Professional Development
Consulting Experts

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Discover the peace of mind that comes with doing business with some of the industry’s finest experts in claims leadership, expert witness and consulting, performance benchmarking and professional development.  Click here for an AE21 Schedule of Services & Fees.