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highly trained & experienced — it’s our fundamental belief that successful implementation of effective and ethical claims practices and management must remain centered around the training, continuing education and professional development of each new claims generation.  We don’t just raise the standard of professionalism and performance, we are the standard!

Through AE21 Incorporated and AE21 Online, LLC, comprehensive and proven claims training and professional development programs are available to you, your employees, and the claims community; and with “The Making of a Claims Professional®” curriculum, and the benefit you and your company can gain from our years of experience in adjuster training and managerial development is incomparable by any measure.

How and where is it done?  In response to the dynamic forces shaping our industry, and the needs and capabilities of new generations of adjusters, we are proud to the widest variety of online adjuster licensing and the highest quality claims training and continuing education programs in America, covering issues, topics and challenges that insurance adjusters, case managers and risk professionals encounter every day in the world of claims.  Introducing...

AE21 Online!

Vastly superior to any other online “claims” curriculum available on the market today, our interactive, reinforced learning process ensures maximum understanding and retention that will have an immediate and positive impact on each student’s level of knowledge and skill-set. Nowhere in the industry will you find a more technically appropriate, affordable and convenient learning experience for those seeking a greater depth of knowledge and understanding in the world of property, casualty and workers’ compensation insurance claims.

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