Course Features

Alabama Independent Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course

Course Description

AE21’s “Alabama Independent Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course” is as a prerequisite to taking the Alabama Independent Adjuster licensing exam, and is specifically designed to achieve three (3) objectives:

  • Prepare you to take the Alabama Independent Adjuster Exam;
  • Provide you with the best possible learning opportunity to gain an understanding what claims practice is all about, and the ability and confidence to immediately respond to claim situations when you do begin claims practice; and,
  • Prepare you for the work environment you must navigate, and the responsibilities you must accept, if you want to be successful as a claims professional in today’s world.

The material in this course is prepared in “reinforced-learning” format exclusively designed by AE21. The course begins with principles and practices, moves into the risks and exposures that are covered by insurance, and concludes with a 100-question final exam.

Course Design

The course is divided into six (6) major Sections:

  1. An Introduction to Claims (Principals of Insurance & Adjusting)
  2. Casualty Adjusting (Automobile, PIP, Homeowners and Liability, Workers’ Compensation, and Professional Liability)
  3. Property Adjusting (Homeowners, Commercial, Inland & Ocean Marine, Boiler & Machinery, and Crime & Surety)
  4. Automobile Physical Damage Adjusting (Comprehensive, Collision & Mechanical Breakdown)
  5. Accident, Health & Disability Insurance, Residual Markets, and Adjuster Conduct
  6. Alabama Insurance Laws & Regulations

Throughout each section you will participate in numerous interactive quizzes and section exams to gauge your understanding and retention. After completing all six (6) sections, you must successfully complete the 100-question Final Exam (designed very similar to the official Alabama license exam) with a minimum passing score of 70%.

*VERY IMPORTANT* After passing this Prelicensing Course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion which you must present to the one of the approved University of Alabama testing centers to take the Alabama Independent Adjuster License Exam. That’s right…you will ultimately have to take, and pass, “2” exams in order to secure your AL IA license. While neither AE21, nor any other prelicensing provider can guarantee that you will pass the Alabama exam, this course is designed to help you prepare for it.

This Online Alabama Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course, is not “just another insurance licensing program.” It represents the most comprehensive adjuster licensing program available in the country, and it is the first step on the road to an exciting career that can offer personal growth, financial reward, and an opportunity to provide the insurance industry and society with a valuable and humanitarian service.


For the low cost of $225 you will receive:

  • 100% Online and Self-Paced 40-hour Course
  • 6-month Access (extensions available)
  • Detailed Licensing Instructions
  • Subject-Matter Support from Our Claims Experts
  • Technical Support


  1. You must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Be a resident of Alabama
  3. Complete an approved Alabama Independent Adjuster Pre-Licensing Program
  4. Take and pass the Alabama Independent Adjuster Exam, administered by the University of Alabama
  5. Apply for your license online HERE.
  6. Process and submit fingerprints through Gemalto
Alabama requires that an approved pre-licensing program be taken before sitting for the state-administered exam. This course meets that requirement. The certificate that you receive from AE21 will grant you admittance to the state exam, administered by the University of Alabama.
Reciprocity refers to a mutual agreement between states whereby an adjuster holding a license in one state can successfully apply for a license in another state and vice-versa. This is important to adjusters because it means that in many cases you can apply for a license in another state without having to first pass that state's exam or pre-licensing course, a benefit that can mean significant savings in time and money.
Alabama will grant reciprocal licenses to adjusters who hold an adjusters license in their home state, except for CA, NY and HI. Alabama will also accept a Designated Home State (DHS) license for adjusters whose home state does not require a license.
Individual adjusters renew their license biennially based on their birth month and birth year, odd or even. Adjusters born in odd-numbered years will renew for two years in the odd years. Adjusters born in even-numbered years will renew for two years in the even years. An e-mail notice will be sent by the DOI to all adjusters approximately 45 days prior to their birth month where they will then be allowed to renew online with a renewal fee of $80. If your license is not renewed by the last day of the birth month, the license is given a 30 day grace period with a $40.00 late fee plus the $80.00 renewal fee.
Yes. Independent Adjusters are be required to complete 24 CE hours of which 3 should be in ethics. We boast a large catalog of interesting CE courses to assist you in maintaining your requirement.