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AE21 provides the most comprehensive and effective adjuster licensing programs in existence today. Don’t be satisfied with just getting a license…go a step further and learn what it really means to be an adjuster. More than a decade ago, AE21 broke the mold and created an adjuster licensing program that others simply don’t have the will to mimic. Explore our adjuster licensing programs where you not only get a license, you learn how to be a successful adjuster. You will NOT be disappointed!

Claims Training
Continuing Education

At AE21, our primary objective is the training and professional development of adjusters. From individual “topical” courses to entire curriculums of training in various lines of business, adjusters and those who want to be adjusters will learn the principles and practices of insurance and claims adjusting. With the knowledge you gain here, you can keep up with the changes in the insurance marketplace and the exposures faced by our society.


AE21’s consulting experts, in combination, possess centuries of experience that span more than 40 years of industry growth, change and development. Our experts represent the highest levels of claims knowledge, practice, and evolutionary development in the market today. Services most requested by our clients, and consistently recognized for their exceptional quality and affordability, include Reserve Portfolio Reviews, Best Practice Claims Reviews & Performance Benchmarking, Expert Witness Services, and GAP Analysis.


It all started more than 20 years ago when the insurance industry began to shift its focus on adjuster training from lengthy, formal training programs and close supervisory guidance to more segmented process-driven claims environments where an adjuster’s work was guided by technology and “on the job” training. The world of claims had begun to change, and with it the expectations of adjuster behavior and performance.

AE21 leads the industry!

Our insurance adjuster training online courses offer the most comprehensive variety of online adjuster licensing, training, and continuing education courses in America.


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