It all started more than 20 years ago when the insurance industry began to shift its focus on adjuster training from lengthy, formal training programs and close supervisory guidance to more segmented process-driven claims environments where an adjuster’s work was guided by technology and “on the job” training. The world of claims had begun to change, and with it the expectations of adjuster behavior and performance.

Moving into the Future...

Then, in January 1998, AE21’s President, Jim Greer had a vision of the future for insurance adjusting and claims professionals…a future propelled by “online multimedia insurance adjuster training”;…and so began the long journey to create a product that not only didn’t exist, but also one that industry participants couldn’t even imagine, much less visualize. Today, AE21 has firmly established its “defining difference” in the marketplace through its exclusive dedication to “The Making of a Claims Professional” and by transforming the world of adjuster licensing, training, and continuing professional development (aka “continuing education”) and by offering the highest quality online claims training programs…programs designed to not only enhance the abilities of experienced claims professionals, but to also assist in recruiting and developing new talent across the industry.

Whether new to the profession, or as experienced claims professionals, AE21’s online students immediately come away with enhanced understanding and immediate effectiveness in the management, control and resolution of not only the traditional property, casualty and workers’ compensation exposures, but also many of the evolving exposures arising in the dynamic world of claims. Adjusters licensed through AE21’s licensing programs enjoy greater than a 98% pass rate and are capable of immediate productivity in any well run claims operation. When adjusters continue their professional development with online claims training and continuing education through AE21 Online, they prove to be far more successful in their adjusting career than their peers… which is, perhaps, why carriers and large claims organizations who have experienced AE21’s defining difference unanimously prefer our courses and programs over all others!


James W. Greer, CPCU

President & CEO

Jim Greer’s experience spans thirty-four years in the insurance adjusting and claims administration industry, beginning with a variety of field and home office assignments with Aetna Life and Casualty’s P&C Claim division. After excelling as a claims professional in various field and home office management positions, he became a key participant in several business and process re-engineering initiatives that brought dramatic change and increases in quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability to Aetna’s Commercial Insurance Division in the early 1990’s. Since 1997, he has been personally involved in the professional development and performance of insurance claims professionals and, as founder of AE21 Incorporated, provides adjuster licensing, training and continuing education, and leads catastrophic adjusting teams during times of crisis. His claims consulting, auditing, and expert witness services have been sought by insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and public and governmental entities across the nation. Specific achievements also include competency-based intermediate, advanced and board certification training and development programs for adjusters, and, through AE21 , provides the nation’s largest catalogue of online adjuster licensing, claims training and continuing education programs for all lines of claims expertise in eighteen states, including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and many others.Jim is native of Biloxi, Mississippi and a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University. He attended Louisiana State University School of Law and holds the Workers’ Compensation Claims Law Associate (“WCCLA”) and Certified Property and Casualty Underwriter (“CPCU”) designations. He is a former contributing author of the popular Florida Workers’ Compensation Handbook, published by LexisNexis; a member of the Suncoast Chapter of the Society of CPCU and a licensed adjuster in both Florida and Mississippi.

April Greer

Chief Operations Officer

After getting her Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida, April decided to enter the world of claims as a 3rd generation claims adjuster. It didn’t take long for her employers to realize that she had an uncanny knack for the business. Whether it was the influence of her father and grandfather before her, or just “women’s intuition”, it worked. Her career quickly moved through handling Personal Auto claims with Direct General and AIG, to attending Auto Appraisers School in Atlanta, after which she was fortunate to take her place “in the field” handling Auto BI and Property claims while simultaneously completing both field and drive-in auto appraisal assignments for her peers.

In early 2007 April joined The Travelers Insurance Company handling both Personal and Business Auto claims on a nationwide basis. Shortly thereafter, following a company-wide reorganization, she was selected from more than 30 internal candidates to move into Workers’ Compensation where she quickly re-secured her future in claims. By January 2010, her father convinced her to join AE21 as the Director of Business Development where she applies her knowledge and claim skills in the creative development of online multimedia adjuster licensing and claims training courses. As an active member of Generation Y (or Millennials), her understanding of the current needs of a whole new breed of adjuster is a key ingredient in the creation of interesting, interactive, and meaningful online learning that will revolutionize adjuster training for the future.

April is a 3-time “Tough Mudder”, a “Sparta Cross-Fight” 1st Degree Black Belt and an avid proponent of the Paleo diet as a way to stay lean, strong, and energetic. By her accomplishments, she’s proof that it too works!

Persis Whitehouse

Director of Education

AE21 is made up of, and has access to, many subject matter experts, but none so invaluable as Director of Education, Persis Whitehouse. Not only is she totally versed in the licensing and CE rules in every state in the nation where continuing education (“CE”) is required of company and independent adjusters, she is, perhaps the most skilled “customer service professional” in the Company, which makes her VERY valuable to both us and YOU!

A graduate of The University of Kentucky, whose skillsets in communication and service were honed by lengthy and productive tenures at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and vacation resorts across the South, Persis has a unique ability to “connect” with the customer or client, and never fails to come through. Her knowledge, demeanor and communication skills have assisted her in the development of productive relationships with almost all of the insurance departments across the country.

Persis is responsible for seeing to the proper certification of adjuster licensing and continuing education courses in the various states within which we do business, and she makes sure that rosters are filed in a timely and quality manner.