Here at AE21 we constantly strive to provide the best learning experience possible. Our new and upgraded platform has been a great success for our students. Thank you all for your valuable feedback.

What Our Students Are Saying...

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, and pursue a long time dream, this course was amazing and a true blessing for the working men and women who can’t take the time to go to a class based program, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so proud of myself for completing this course and passing the final exam, by no means at all is it easy, but in the end is so rewarding, thanks again.”

Randall G.


“Thank you for the great class. I passed the class on the first attempt and that was based on your great content and would love to continue my education with the two hour CE class. Provided a great online course which was interactive and informative. I felt confident when taking the final exam and passed it on the first attempt. Highly recommend it.”

Mark C.


“Excellent course! After researching many other programs, I am glad I chose this one. Very intuitive and priced right!”

Bob M.

“I started this course prior to the platform changing. The old platform was lengthy to get through and difficult to grasp the concepts on your own. The new platform allows ease of understanding and goes into concepts more in depth. I have enjoyed the new platform thus far and will continue to use AE 21 for my future courses.”

Yesenia G.


“I just want to thank you guys again for the great startup training and through certification on my Independent Adjuster license. You guys touched on all lines of insurance which I find will be helpful in the future. I highly recommend for anyone to go through this course if they are looking to pursue a career in this field.”

Beau M.


“The prep review for the test was excellent. The program was well organized, interesting and easy to understand. I want to thank those responsible for helping me prepare and for making the process enjoyable.”

Ann M.

Course Survey Comments

“I don’t think i have ever felt so accomplished, I work as a plant supervisor, that is very demanding and time consuming, I’ve been doing this course on my spare time, and have finally completed it, I can’t believe it, I can now follow my dream, thank you so much for this opportunity.”

“Already recommended this course to someone. Excellent class. Thank you”

“It was straightforward, informative and interesting.”

“I enjoyed the videos of the cases or topics explained. The visuals were helpful with understanding the material.”

“I thought it was very intuitive and that lessons tended to build on each other, so it never felt overwhelming.”

“I enjoyed the entire course. Definitely a positive learning event.”

“The fact that you can go at your own pace was a game changer.”

“I enjoyed the visual aspects of the course. Being able to visualize scenarios about insurance helped me a ton.”

“The course was easy to follow and I received a lot of valuable information. The fact that I could go back and look over my tests and the lessons were a big plus for me. I really enjoyed the course!!!”

“Very well put together and an excellent learning tool to learn the basics for the insurance adjusting profession”