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New York Independent General Adjuster License Exam-Prep Course

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Discover the Ultimate Path to Success with AE21’s New York Independent General Adjuster License Exam-Prep Course!

Are you ready to conquer the toughest adjuster licensing challenge in the United States? The New York Independent General Adjuster license exam is renowned for its complexity, covering more lines of insurance business than any other state, along with accident and health insurance, medical reports and terminology, and vehicle parts and construction.

AE21 Online’s revolutionary “New York Independent General Adjuster License Exam-Prep Course” is your key to mastering this formidable exam with ease and confidence. Discover the fastest, most flexible, and highly effective path to success.

Whether you’re new to the insurance world or a seasoned pro, our course has you covered. Dive into the realm of insurance, policies, and adjusting, all while building a solid foundation to pass the state-administered exam.

Why Choose AE21?

  • Tailored for both aspiring entry-level adjusters and seasoned insurance professionals
  • Self-paced learning, empowering you to choose your ideal study style and speed
  • Optional audio narration, vivid graphics, and occasional videos to make learning a breeze
  • Printable and fillable guided note-taking workbooks, allowing you to create your offline study guide and enhance your retention
  • Mastery quizzes following each lesson to ensure you’re on the right track.
  • Unlimited practice exams mimicking the official NY exam, drawing from a bank of over 700 questions (a different exam every time!)
  • Over half a decade of combined industry knowledge and experience, and a team of seasoned subject matter experts, available to assist you if you encounter challenges or difficulties along the way

Enroll now and embark on your journey to ace the New York Independent General Adjuster license exam. Success is not just a goal – it’s an achievable reality and is just a click away.


  1. Introduction and Instructions
  2. Insurance Regulations & Adjuster Licensing
  3. Insurance Basics, Principles, and Concepts
  4. Adjusting Losses
  5. Accident and Health Insurance Basics
  6. The Medical Anatomy of Casualty Insurance
  7. Dwelling and Homeowners Insurance
  8. The Personal Auto Policy
  9. Vehicle Parts & Construction
  10. Personal Watercraft Insurance
  11. Personal Recreational Vehicles
  12. Commercial Package Policies
  13. Commercial General Liability (CGL)
  14. Commercial Property Insurance
  15. Commercial Crime Insurance
  16. Commercial Inland Marine Insurance
  17. Ocean Marine Insurance
  18. Boiler and Machinery (aka Equipment Breakdown)
  19. Farm Coverage
  20. The Businessowners (BOP) Policy
  21. Workers Compensation Laws
  22. Surety and Fidelity Bonds
  23. Aviation Insurance
  24. Umbrella & Excess Policies
  25. Professional & Specialty Liability Insurance
  26. Surplus Lines
  27. Flood Insurance
  28. Difference in Conditions
  29. Identity Theft
  30. Crop Insurance
  31. New York Laws, Rules and Coverages
  32. New York Practice Exam


For the low cost of $199 you will receive:

  • 100% Online and Self-Paced Study Course
  • Printable and Fillable Guided Note-Taking Workbook
  • Mock Practice Exams With Unlimited Retakes… a New Exam Every Time!
  • 1-year Access
  • Subject-Matter Support from Our Claims Experts
  • Technical Support



Frequently Asked Questions

If more time is needed to complete the course beyond the provided 1-year access period, extensions may be available with an administrative charge of $25 per 30 days. To be eligible for an extension, such a request must be received within 60 days of the course’s expiration date.

To request an extension, you can submit a support ticket or call our office at 800-820-4550.
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be trustworthy and competent
  • Have never been convicted of felony or any crime or offense involving fraudulent or dishonest practices
New York does NOT require pre-licensing education. However, a comprehensive course of study such as AE21 Online's New York License Exam Prep Course is highly recommended to ensure passing the state exam.
New York Adjuster License Exams are administered through PSI. To schedule your exam through PSI, click HERE.
The application and application instructions can be found HERE.
In addition to passing the exam, you will need to:
  • Be fingerprinted through
  • Submit 5 Certificates of Character (details contained in the licensing application)
  • Provide a $1,000 bond to cover the licensing period
  • Include a Certificate of Good Conduct from the Board of Parole if you have committed a felony or crime involving fraudulent or dishonest practices
New York does NOT require Continuing Education.
Your license valid for two years. It will expire on December 31 in each even-numbered year. To renew your license, click HERE
New York is not reciprocal with any state. If you wish to become a licensed adjuster in New York, you MUST take a state exam.
Due to the nature of the program, a certificate is not issued upon completion.

This program is a flexible study aid that can be used at your discretion and in the way that best suits you to prepare for the New York adjuster licensing exam. Many choose to go through the entire program, complete every lesson in order, and then take the practice exam a few times. However, it is also possible to use the course to study only specific areas... for example, a seasoned adjuster who just moved to New York and now needs a New York license may only need to study up on New York's unique laws and regulations. Therefore, it is not even necessary to fully "complete" the program.

As noted in the FAQ above, a pre-licensing course/certificate is not required to sit for the state test.