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National Online Comprehensive Workers' Compensation Claims Training Course

Course Description

AE21 Online proudly presents the insurance industry’s FIRST and ONLY comprehensive workers compensation claims training curriculum…now in a totally ONLINE, reinforced-learning format that provides a solid foundation of workers’ compensation claims adjusting knowledge, upon which insurance, claims, and medical professionals can build their professional skills and expertise. This program is specifically designed for adjusters, medical case managers and other insurance professionals, regardless of experience level, who seek the knowledge and skills of “best workers’ compensation claims practice”.

A Continuum for Workers’ Compensation Professional Development

After completing in this curriculum of eight (8) individual online course modules, students will possess an increased awareness of the roles they play in helping workers who suffer occupational injury and the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective in workers’ compensation claims management.

Upon successful completion of the National Online Comprehensive W/C Claims Management Training Program, students will receive a “suitable for framing” Certificate of Completion as a testament to their determination and resolve to gain a solid foundation of knowledge in the field of workers’ compensation and completion of their first step along the continuum of professional training and development in the complex field of workers’ compensation claims adjusting and claims management.

Course Objectives

Students who successfully complete the National ONLINE Comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Claims Management Program will:

  • Understand when the U.S. Workers’ Compensation industry was created, why it is still considered “the Grand Bargain” between business and labor, how it has evolved over the last century and the challenges this national system has faced, and where it stands today as a mixture of private contract and social legislation;
  • Understand and be able to identify when and why an occupational injury or condition is payable under workers’ compensation law and insurance;
  • Be able to identify and calculate the primary benefits for which an injured worker is entitled or eligible, how long those benefits last, and when those benefits cease;
  • Be able to identify the injuries and medical conditions that are typically found to be “occupational” in nature, how they occur, the types of treatment rendered, and who provides it;
  • Understand the driving force behind the often misused “Intoxication Defense” in most U.S. jurisdictions, when to use it, and how to evaluate its chance of success (or failure);
  • Understand the purpose of, and mechanisms for, the evaluation and reserving financial exposures arising from occupational injuries AND learn how to actually analyze and present the value of a claim for injury under workers’ compensation laws;
  • Be able to evaluate and handle Medicare’s interests in the settlement of workers’ compensation claims; and finally,
  • Learn, understand, and appreciate the effects of interdependent and revolving cylce experience rating, underwriting analysis, occupational injury and financial loss, financial reserving, and the settlement and elimination of loss exposures on the workers’ compensation insurance product.

Course Design

The program is comprised of 8 courses:

  • The Origin & Evolution of Workers’ Compensation
  • The Compensability of Workers’ Compensation
  • The Benefits of Workers’ Compensation
  • The Medical Anatomy of Workers’ Compensation Injuries
  • The Intoxication Defense
  • Evaluating and Reserving Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Medicare Setasides and Claims Management
  • The Economics of Workers’ Compensation

Each course is designed with a sequential, building-block approach to the subject matter. Throughout each course, interactive quizzes gauge understanding and retention and refer the student back to parts not fully understood. After completion of each course the student is required to successfully pass a short exam of that area of study.

After completing all of the sections, the student will be presented with a comprehensive final exam which will address all of the topics covered within the program.

Upon successful completion, students will receive a “suitable for framing” Certificate of Completion as a testament to their determination and resolve to gain a solid foundation of knowledge in the field of workers’ compensation adjusting.


For the low cost of $249 you will receive:

  • 100% Online and Self-Paced Training Program
  • 8 Workers’ Compensation Training Courses
  • Online Final Exam
  • 6-month Access (extensions available)
  • Subject-Matter Support from Our Claims Experts
  • Technical Support







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