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A Matter of Ethics

In this course you’ll learn how the ancient philosophers like Plato, Aristotle and Confucius viewed Ethics in the old world and see how their perspectives compare to new world issues and behaviors. You’ll also see if, and how, those perspectives are applied to the business and insurance industries and their roles in today’s society. Finally, you’ll have an opportunity to compare those perspectives to ethics in claims handling in a discussion of Fair and Unfair Claims Practices and some of the practical issues they present.

2 Hours “Classroom Equivalent” Ethics CE
Course ID #29850

The Ethical Practices of an Adjuster

This course explores the ethical responsibilities and practices of adjusters under the Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act as enacted by numerous states across the country and the NAIC.

2 Hours “Classroom Equivalent” Ethics CE
Course ID #29859

Introduction to Insurance Claims Adjusting

Welcome to the world of the insurance claims adjuster. This course introduces the insurance claims adjusting profession as it began more than a century ago, up through the latest advances in claims tools and processes, provides a detailed examination of the customary activities of an adjuster, and the importance that the role an adjuster plays in today’s society.

1 Hour “Classroom Equivalent” General CE
Course ID #29856

Strategic Claims Negotiations

This course is designed to enhances an adjuster’s skills in claims negotiation. An detailed foray into concepts and principles that have proven successful time after time over the decades will provide the tools with which to approach new claims disposition challenges.

Principles include, but are not limited to, the importance of investigation, knowledge and information, accurate evaluation of exposures, assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of one’s position, deployment of offers and demands, and numerous other tips for claims and legal practitioners.

2 Hours “Classroom Equivalent” General CE
Course ID #29858

Residential Property Claims Adjusting

Property loss adjusting can be one of the most demanding, and yet one of the most gratifying, careers in the property and casualty insurance industry. These adjusters must possess an extremely detailed understanding of property coverages, a significant body of knowledge in property values, costs and methods of repair, and a working knowledge of accounting and construction methods and materials.

This course will take students through a detailed examination of the most commonly encountered residential dwelling and homeowners coverages, introduce them to traditional property adjustment doctrines, and present them with most of the typical claim scenarios encountered by property adjusters.

3 Hours “Classroom Equivalent” General CE
Course ID #29857

Introduction to Commercial Property Adjusting

Commercial property claims, on average, are more complex than homeowner’s claims due to the variety of coverages, nature and size of buildings, and greater value — and they typically take more time and effort.

Nevertheless, when handling any claim involving commercial property insurance, the treatment of perils is basically the same as that taken in the handling of dwelling and homeowner’s claims. This course introduces the property adjuster to the most common commercial coverages and adjusting concepts.

2 Hour “Classroom Equivalent” General CE
Course ID #29855

Handling Inland and Ocean Marine Claims

Marine insurance is one of the oldest forms of insurance in existence today. It provides protection for property and cargo in storage and being transported across the country or shipped across the seas. Marine insurance also provides protection from loss to conduits of transportation (bridges and tunnels) and communication (radio and television towers).

In this course you’ll be introduced to the practical elements of both inland and marine insurance, the types of claims and how to handle them.

1 Hour “Classroom Equivalent” General CE
Course ID #29854

Business Auto Claims Handling

This course is designed to provide adjusters with a general understanding of the coverage provided under the Business Auto Coverage and provide instruction and guidance to those who are unfamiliar with business auto claims. This course is also designed to provide insight and direction on the day-to-day claim handling issues related to coverage interpretation and to address the most common coverage issues found when handling Business Auto claims.

1 Hour “Classroom Equivalent” General CE
Course ID #29852

Adjusting Garagekeepers Claims

When a customer leaves an automobile in the care of an automobile dealer or other related auto business, there’s a tremendous risk of loss if the vehicle is damaged while the business is attending, servicing, repairing, parking or storing the auto in a garage operation. Yet getting payment from the attending business can be difficult because any “legal liability” for such damage would be excluded under the liability section of other applicable policies (i.e., Business Auto, Commercial General Liability and Garage Policies) by virtue of the care, custody, or control exclusion.

Garagekeepers coverage provides protection for damage or loss to a customers’ auto left in the insured’s care. This course is specifically designed to provide adjusters and other claims/risk professionals with an understanding of this type of coverage, including valuable insight on typical claim issues they will encounter, like the application of direct coverage options, liability deductibles, work you performed, and the elements of bailment and bailee exposure.

1 Hour “Classroom Equivalent” General CE
Course ID #29851

General Insurance and Liability Laws

Never before and never again, since Edward G. Robinson’s memorable quote in the 1941 MGM film, Double Indemnity, has there been a more poignant and accurate description of the work of an adjuster. To be sure, the world of the insurance adjuster has changed in many ways, but in many ways it has not. While the term “claims man” may be obsolete, its meaning and the purpose behind the job has remained and now provides countless opportunities for men and women alike. The variety, interest and intrigue of an adjuster’s job remains the same, and, if approached professionally, still requires a broad range of knowledge, skills and talent.

Maximizing one’s effectiveness as a claims professional requires a solid understanding of the insurance industry, it’s policies, theories of civil liability, and the American Tort System. This introductory course into the world of insurance explores the underlying concepts of insurance, its policies, and theories of legal liability that ultimately call the insurance mechanism into action.

3 Hours “Classroom Equivalent” General CE
Course ID #29853