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Florida Public Adjuster Apprentice Training Program

Program Description

The Florida Public Adjuster Licensing Program is the ONLY program in the nation specifically designed to meet the needs of those who wish to become a Florida public adjuster! Three (3) exceptional courses provide EVERYTHING a candidate needs to complete the necessary training in property insurance adjusting, Florida’s laws and regulations for public adjusting, and unlimited practice exams to prepare for the Florida Public Adjuster Exam.

To become a Florida public adjuster, one must, at a minimum, fulfill three major requirements:

  • Successfully complete one of Florida’s adjuster designation programs and secure one of the approved adjuster designations in accordance with F.S. 626.8651(4), thereby earning an All-Lines Adjusters License
  • Be appointed as a Public Adjuster Apprentice for at least 6 months
  • Pass the Florida Public Adjuster Exam offered by Pearson Vue on behalf of the Florida Department of Financial Services and its Bureau of Licensing.

Program Design

The Public Adjuster Apprentice Training Program is comprised of three courses:

1. AE21’s “Florida Certified Claims Adjuster Licensing Course”, which will allow you to secure your All-Lines Adjuster’s License… the first step in becoming a Public Adjuster.

For more detailed information on this comprehensive licensing program, click HERE.

2. The Laws & Rules of Florida Public Adjusting: Florida law and regulations are strict and unforgiving regarding public adjusters, and failure to comply with these laws and regulations can quickly result in not only loss of licensure, but severe financial penalties, and in some cases, felony convictions. This program provides the history behind Florida’s strict oversight, and then thoroughly explains and educates prospective licensees on these requirements while also providing valuable insight and advice to guide new licensees toward proper, productive, and profitable claims practices.

3. Florida Public Adjuster Practice Exams: This course provides student with unlimited access to practice exams that are specifically designed to mimic the official state exam, including the apportionment of questions to specific subject matter as prepared by the testing provider, Pearson Vue. These practice exams randomly replace and mix quiz questions each time you take an exam. This gives the student numerous opportunities to approach the material from different perspectives and conduct further research into areas that require further understanding.

*The access period for the Florida “CCA” Designation course is limited to 6 months from the enrollment date. “The Laws & Rules of Florida Public Adjusting” and “Florida Public Adjuster Practice Exams” will be available for 1 year from the enrollment date to allow ample time to study and prepare for the exam during your apprenticeship. For continued study of the material from the Florida “CCA” Designation course, please be sure to download the Section Reference Manuals from the File Repository Area prior to the course expiration date.


Purchased separately, the individual costs of the above courses are as follows:

Florida Certified Claims Adjuster Licensing Program: $275

The Laws & Rules of Florida Public Adjusting: $129

Florida Adjuster Practice Exams: $119


Save money and get the best value by purchasing all three together for a total of $419a 20% savings!


Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access to the Florida “CCA” Designation course, “The Laws & Rules of Florida Public Adjusting”, and “Florida Public Adjuster Practice Exams” for 1 year from the date of your enrollment in the Public Adjuster Apprentice Training Program.
If more time is needed to complete the course beyond the provided 1-year access period, extensions may be available with an administrative charge of $25 per 30 days. To be eligible for an extension, such a request must be received within 60 days of the course’s expiration date.

Note regarding the FL CCA Licensing Program
If the course has been inactive for a year or more and an extension is requested, the course must be restarted from the beginning.
Our recommendation is as follows:
  • First, secure your All-Lines license by taking the Florida Certified Claims Adjuster Licensing Course (which will allow you to waive the state exam for this license type).
  • Next, you must be appointed by a fully-licensed Public Adjuster as a Public Adjuster Apprentice for a period of 6 months. During this time, while you are receiving on-the-job training with your mentor, we recommend studying for the exam using the Laws and Rules of Florida Public Adjusting, the Practice Exams, and referring back to the material in the Certified Claims Adjuster Licensing Program.
  • Then, once you have completed your apprenticeship and feel that you are ready, schedule and take your state-administered Public Adjuster exam and embark on your new career!
An All-Lines Adjuster handles insurance claims on behalf of an insurance carrier, independent adjusting firm, or third party administrator. When most people think of insurance claims adjusters, it is an All-Lines adjuster that they are thinking of. According to Florida law, a Public Adjuster is anyone who, for money or commission, prepares, completes, or files an insurance claim for an insured policyholder, or who acts on behalf of or assists the policyholder in negotiating for or securing the settlement of a claim (or claims) for loss or damage that is covered by an insurance contract (policy). This also includes anyone who advertises for employment as an adjuster of such claims, or anyone solicits, investigates or adjusts such claims on behalf of a public adjuster.

In other words, a Public Adjuster works on behalf of the policy holder. Public Adjusters ONLY represent policyholders in property losses... most commonly, homeowner's claims.
We recommend reaching out to the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA) to address questions pertaining to the work and business of public adjusting.

You can visit FAPIA online at
Click on the "Enroll Now" button above. You will then have the option to purchase the full curriculum at the discounted price of $419 or select the individual courses. You will be prompted to create an account in our eLearning system. Be sure to select Florida Public Adjuster as your licensing state/type when registering so that you are provided with the correct courses and information on your eLearning dashboard.